Welcome To Elysium

New Year. Renewed Focus.

Art takes courage.


At it’s core, all art begins with the leap of faith that something you know in your deepest, personal self, is an answer – a broadening – of the fundamental questions we face as human beings. Creating art requires a real risk into the unknown for it to take shape. And that ability to risk, in service of sharing fundamental truths, building a tapestry of the human condition, seems important to me. Worth dedicating lives to. The purpose and passion behind Elysium Conservatory Theatre has always been fueled by empowering and inspiring others to access their raw power of fearless expression.


Margaret Atwood says “in the end, we all become stories,” and I’d like to believe that those stories are what our theatre is all about. Textured and subtle, epic and extraordinary. Human. Poetic. True.



The question for our organization today, a decade into our work, is, are we on the right path? ... THE PATH FORWARD