Our Name

"And they live untouched by sorrow in the islands of the blessed along the shore of deep-swirling Ocean, happy heroes for whom the grain-giving earth bears honey-sweet fruit..."


Hesiod, Works and Days (170)


In Greek mythology, Elysium (Greek: Ἠλύσιον πέδιον) is a conception of paradise. Only those who lived heroic lives were deemed admission, where they would live throughout eternity blessed and happy - working at whatever they loved most, alongside those they most loved working with.


We, at Elysium Conservatory Theatre, are building such a paradise — where artists train together, create together, and Grow Fearless together -  all in search of the deepest levels of poetic truth.

Our Heart

Elysium Conservatory Theatre grows fearless artistic expression within our community of emerging artists, guest artists and resident teaching artists - all invested in each other's success.


The mainstage theatre experience at ECT is just that - an experience. Productions redefine the relationship between audience and performer - offering soaring, human stories with immersive, imaginative staging. Performances are filled with passion, texture, raw humanity and a formidable ensemble spirit. 


Our Secret

ECT breeds artists with heart, who hunger to explore, to rehearse, to journey into the creative unknown and follow that lighting bolt of inspiration - whenever it strikes.


We believe theatre and art is about getting there vs. starting there. About falling in love with training, with rehearsal and with the crafting of story and character. We see a playground of Wonder and Exploration and opportunity to Adventure into the Artistic Unknown. Fearlessly.


Our community of artists (playwrights, designers, directors, stage managers, performers, musical directors, technicians, choreographers, dramaturgs, administrators) distinguish themselves with unapologetic attempt, integrity in craft and personal, professional pride. The ECT artist is dedicated to continued growth - remaining humble, hungry and fearless in training and performance.