Celebration Series (2015)

The Underpants / The Vanek Trilogy

The Underpants

Written By: Steve Martin

Directed By: Aaron Ganz


The Vanek Trilogy

Written By: Vaclav Havel

Directed By: David Mancini



Production Dates: June 5th - July 19th, 2015


"Theatrum Elysium launched our Rep Cycle acclaimed productions from TE's past seasons re-imagined for our home in San Pedro with one of our most entertaining and artistically-daring productions: The Underpants. Adapted by Steve Martin from an early 20th century German play, it took broad, physical comedy to the extremes. TE's production infused our usual passion and performance zeal into the story of Louise, a 1960's housewife who has the whole town in an uproar when her underpants fall off during the King's parade. From her befuddled husband Theo, to a long line of hilarious suitors, The Underpants offered audiences an evening of giddiness and laughter that had them falling out of their "seat."


The Vanek Trilogy by Czechoslovakian president Vaclav Havel followed the character of Vanek (Havel's literary alter ego) as he emerges from prison in late 1970's Czechoslovakia. A hilarious window into society at the height of Cold War paranoia, the Vanek Trilogy brought audiences through three scenes - from his job in a beer factory, to a dinner party with the bourgeois elite, and finally to the top of the political infrastructure itself. Each stop revealed a searing (and often hilarious) window into the effect a society at the height of Cold War paranoia, has on its people. Havel, the longtime critic of the Soviet state and eventually the first president of the Czech Republic uses humor and his unique wit, that carried audiences on an unforgettable journey."


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