Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon

by Howard Richardson & William Berney

In cooperation with the Richardson/Yale Property Trust;

Elliot S. Blair, administrator

Conceived and Directed by Aaron Ganz


PerformedJuly 29th – August 27th


"Elysium Conservatory Theatre roared into the Summer with a epic re-imagining of The Ballad of Barbara Allen. ECT delved into the realms of Good and Evil, legend and imagination, as the most immersive story Elysium had ever conjured, came to life through the fearless artistry of theatrical transformation. Set in the Appalachian Mountains near Ol' Baldy, Dark of the Moon immersed audiences in the world of John the Witch Boy and Barbara, a Human, as they fought for love among the terrifying worlds of Witches and equally colorful residents of Buck Creek. Dark of the Moon was the next, great ECT fantasy brought to dazzling life with all its romantic, comedic, and heartbreaking glory."


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