Written By: Sophocles

Directed By: David Mancini

Production Dates: Nov. 7th - Dec. 21st, 2014


"Oedipus, considered by Aristotle as the supreme example of dramatic tragedy, has long served as a warning against hubris and rashness. It is a tragedy of self-discovery. Originally written during the Peloponnesian wars, it was meant as a political commentary about authoritarian rule and overconfident leadership. Its relevance has not faded, nor has the horror of Oedipus's discovery and self-inflicted wounds. On this postmodern journey into Oedipus's world audiences followed the trail of the brash king on the road to his demise. Utilizing song, dance, and poetry, TESPR's final production of the 2014 season led theatre-goers through the parable as both a spectator and participant, allowing them to experience the story like never before. "


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