Theatrum Elysium was an artist-centered revolution in the creative mindset of America and the springboard to the aesthic, mission and passion behind creating Elysium Conservatory Theatre. Founded in the summer of 2011 by Artistic Director Aaron Ganz as Theatrum Elysium, TE welcomed artists of every discipline to enter together into a world of unbridled creation. 

In July 2011, we opened our doors at Spirit of the Foothills in La Crescenta presenting a new adaptation from the original French of Jean-Paul Sartre’s timeless masterpiece No Exit. As Theatrum Elysium moved forward we looked to offer more of the vital work that continued our mission as the country’s premier Conservatory Theater. Engaging with organizations such as The Wende Museum for The Vanek Trilogy and inaugurating the Battleship Iowa as a theatrical stage with an imaginative and daring production of Cymbeline - TE set the tone for a different kind of theatrical experience, one that infused dance, music and  audience engagement into the theatregoing experience.


Out of this revelation, was born Theatrum Elysium's hunger to broaden the possibilities of truth in performance. Utilizing an inter-disciplinary approach ignited our aesthic.. Different from any American performance entity prior, Theatrum Elysium offered artists, teachers, and students a unique opportunity to step into a new kind of artistic freedom. Following in the footsteps of its Greek origins, it was more than just a performing arts organization, it was a destination— a place where craftsmen were afforded a supportive environment to pursue a new generation of art that looked to define the 21st century and beyond. Theatrum Elysium became an artistic paradise where artists were empowered with the highest levels of training and performance.

Theatrum Elysium

The La Crescenta Years

Theatrum Elysium San Pedro Rep

The 311 West 7th Years