Charlotte Spangler (Resident Artist)

 Originally from Portland OR, Charlotte grew up performing, constantly putting on shows with her sister (at the chagrin to her parents), then eventually working with local children’s theaters. She attended the University of Southern California where she studied Acting, which kept her in LA ever since! Charlotte loves to make people laugh, and is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade improv school. She can be found being a complete weirdo performing sketch and improv around LA with her troupe the Pinup Squirrels. Charlotte loves finding great places to drink craft beer, eat tacos, and people watch.

Getting To Know... Charlotte

Tell us about a transformative educational experience. 


When I first came to college, and realized it was ok to want to do theater as a living, and all these other people wanted to do it too! 



What about transformative professional experiences? 


When I performed with Northwest Children’s Theater in high school, so many times we were kids’ first experience with live theater, It was so magical to hear their genuine reactions every night to seeing their favorite characters coming to life. 



Why I do what I do... 


I love getting the chance to tell stories you may not have heard before, and let people see a new side of humanity. Our society constantly tells us not to feel, so being able to show people that it’s okay to express your true feelings is pretty incredible.  



What about ECT inspires you? 


All the incredible people who are in it! It’s truly inspiring to be with such unapologetic artistic souls, who encourage me to express myself and be creative. 



Where have you traveled? Where would you like to visit? 


I’ve loved visiting London, Paris, Washington DC, and Zion National Park. I can’t wait to visit Thailand and East Asia!



My favorite "day-off" event would be... 


Reading a great novel at the beach with ice cream! Bonus points if a dolphin leaps into the air.  



If I had one million dollars I would... 


I would go on an epic trip around East Asia and eat so much delicious food, then donate the rest to kids arts organizations.  



Did you know... 


Spent a summer working as Pluto and Mrs. Incredible at Disneyland! Yes, the costumes are very hot.

Charlotte's Favorites


  1. Macaroni and cheese
  2. Panang curry
  3. Red velvet cake


  1. Gymnastics
  2. Soccer
  3. Dance


  1. All The Light We Cannot See
  2. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
  3. East of Eden


  1. Scatergories
  2. Settlers of Catan
  3. Scrabble

TV Series

  1. The Americans
  2. You're The Worst
  3. SNL


  1. Making people laugh
  2. Singing
  3. Writing

Mentors/Role Models

  1. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler
  2. Kevin McCorkle



  1. Exploring the LA food scene
  2. Going to random festivals and cool events
  3. Watching live comedy
  4. Dancing

Charlotte's 50 Year Time-Capsule

  • Cell phone (sadly)
  • Card from my grandma
  • Videos I’ve made
  • Favorite Books