Giulia Blandino (Company Member)

Giulia was born and raised in Rome, studied classical literature in high school and graduated from NUCT International School of Cinema. She moved to Los Angeles and graduated from the Art of Acting School in 2016. 

Getting To Know... Giulia

Tell us about a transformative educational experience. 


Working with the Linklater (vocal) method blew my mind!  



What about transformative professional experiences? 


Before starting acting classes, I had the chance to work with a small production on an entirely original show. It was the confirmation that I needed to know what I wanted to do. 



Why I do what I do... 


Every day life asks to cage instincts and heart. Art, acting, allows me to set them free.



What about ECT inspires you? 


The value to be truthful more than anything. 



Where have you traveled? Where would you like to visit? 


UAE, South Africa, Spain, England, USA and Ireland. I dream of going everywhere else. 



My favorite "day-off" event would be... 


Spending time in a park and going to a concert. 



If I had one million dollars I would... 


Invest part of it on a non-artistic business. Probably a clothing line. Use the rest to produce a film industry project if I find a good one and/or an art gallery show. 



Did you know... 


I was born with black hair and two blond highlights. I have a video game character tattooed on my body. I changed at least 7 haircuts and hair color in the past two years.

Giulia's Favorites


  1. Parmigiana Eggplant
  2. Pizza
  3. Artichoke


  1. Volleyball
  2. Skating
  3. Swimming


  1. Alice In Wonderland
  2. Fight Club
  3. Zoo


  1. Cards Against Humanity
  2. Cluedo
  3. Mime

TV Series

  1. The Crazy Ones
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


  1. Drawing
  2. Dancing
  3. Costume/Fashion Design
  4. Video Plots

Mentors/Role Models


  1. Listen & Dance to Music
  2. Swimming
  3. Drawing
  4. Street Art
  5. Writing Short Thoughts/Poems

Giulia's 50 Year Time-Capsule

  • Michael Jackson album "Thriller"
  • DVD of Fight Club
  • Shakespeare's Othello
  • An album of pictures of off-the-wall artists doing what they love
  • An album of artistic pictures of animals in their habitat
  • A book of vegetarian recipes