Jamie Ann Burke (Alumni Artist)


Jamie Ann Burke grew up in Orange County, California, with her parents James and Shelly Burke and her sister and twin brothers. She attended UCLA and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Jamie was always very active in sports, excelling in track and field and basketball.  After college, Jamie worked for a consulting company before deciding to become an actress. Jamie studied digital filmmaking in Paris France ,  creating a short film about  her favorite martial art capoeira. Jamie has been fortunate enough to play the role of Immaculee Ilibagiza in the gut wrenching film "The Power of the Heart", filmed in Amsterdam, and is currently in post-production for the film "One Under the Sun" set to premiere at the Dubai Comic Con. Elysium Conservatory Theatre is Jamie's favorite theatre company, it is a beautiful place she calls an artistic home. She has grown so much in her confidence, abilities, dancing and singing skills because of Elysium. Jamie also is in charge of the editing for all of ECT video trailers.

Getting To Know... Jamie

Tell us about a transformative educational experience..


It is an education every time I listen to Aaron Ganz and come to TE. I learn how people ride the wave of energy and emotion to convey the human experience.



What about transformative professional experience..


I was transformed when working with Drew Harriot of "The Secret" in the film The Power of the Heart. Because I had to reach deep to a very emotional character, I had to learn how to let go completely and trust the crew and cast mates around me. I never thought I could pull it off, and I thought they would send me packing on a plane home. But in the final edit, everything looks spectacular and I've learn to trust myself and my collaborators.



Why I do what I do…


I act because it is a way to explore myself on different levels, and it is also a way to explore humanity at large. To survive in normal society we often hide that which is most true to us. In acting and we expose the very truth of who we are.



What about Elysium inspires you...


It is inspiring to see the hard work and dedication of individuals who play out their heart for people on the stage. It is inspiring to see people who who are willing to spend money on a particular show just for the love of art.



My favorite "day off" event would be…


I would spend time at the beach or getting a massage with champagne and chocolates.



If I had one million dollars I would...


I would invest about three-fourths of it. And the rest would be for slight upgrades to my life, a better apartment and more acting classes and better promotion to be able to act in more films.




Did you know ...


Life delights me.