Martin Mendez (Alumni Artist)

Martin  is a lifelong resident of Southern California and has been acting since elementary school in plays and church dinner theaters.  He realized a love of acting and theater while in middle school when he was cast as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.  After high school Martin worked part time as an actor on various short films and theater projects. He also worked in the motion picture industry in prop making and special effects for over 8 years on movies and television shows such as Iron Man, Hangover and Two and a Half Men. He attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood where he studied theater, ballet and vocal production. Favorite theater credits include Playing Bernie in William Inges’ Natural Affection and Frank in Lovers and Other Strangers.  Martin’s acting credits include the feature films, Checkmate, No Way Out, and To Serve and Protect. He is excited to begin work on his third season with Elysium and remains eager to make impactful art.

Getting To Know... Martin

Tell us about a transformative educational experience.


My time at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Conservatory (AADA) was life changing; it taught me so much about my mind, body and voice and how the three all connect with one another.  I have never thought of myself as a naturally gifted singer or dancer but AADA helped me learn to be comfortable with all aspects of my acting, my body and letting go of how I looked or perceived myself. As I worked and honed my craft, I learned that wonderful things would happen. I am at ease on stage and am able to inhabit the characters I wish to bring to life and share with the audience.


Tell us about a transformative educational experience.


I have so many since becoming a member of this theater. One that really sticks out to me was in Much Ado About Nothing, I was playing Borachio and I came out to do a scene in our courtyard that we had done it a hundred times before but this time I chose to not care how it would go. I chose to just live in it and have fun and it was thrilling to be that free in the moment. It was also addicting because once I had that taste i didn't want to go back to knowing everything i became addicted to that thrill of the unknown. So from that moment on I try to not know anything in a scene and see where it takes me.




Why I do what I do...


I act because there is nothing else I could do with my life. I love the art of acting and I want to share that passion. I need this. Ever since I was young I have been infatuated with movies and acting.  There is something so powerful about someone being able to perform so well that it can actually make you angry or bring you to tears. I know that I’ll never go to the moon or be a super hero but a well-acted, well -written movie or play will allow me to experience these things for a short time. It allows me to escape my everyday life and be something else. I want to inspire people the way I have been inspired. I want to move people the way I have been moved. I want to share my love for this art and this craft with others and my hope is that in doing so maybe I can provoke meaningful thought and make someone’s day just a little bit better.



What about ECT inspires you?


Everyone I work with inspires me. The collective desire to be not just good but great at what we do. The commitment to living in the moment and not being afraid to fall flat on your face because you know a cast mate will catch you. We train hard, we work hard and we love and live fiercely here. I am so happy to have such a great place to call my artistic home and such great teammates that allow me to be me.



My favorite "day-off" event would be...


... I have many but one would be to spend the day with my family in Yosemite swimming at a special swimming hole we know of.



 If I had one million dollars I would...


... Use it to be able to focus on my acting full time, oh and go out for a very good steak and bottle of wine.



Did you know...


...I love training in Brazilian Jujitsu and cage fighting and I really enjoy video games.