Ria Gaudioso (Alumni Artist)

Ria Gaudioso was born in the San Fernando Valley and has been passionate about acting her whole life.She has done theatre all throughout her scholastic career and has recently graduated from AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts. She looks forward to continuing her experience here at ECT.

Getting To Know... Ria

Tell us about a transformative educational experience. 


Honestly, probably eleventh grade. I've always loved English and excelled at my English classes, but in eleventh grade I had a teacher that just so loved what he did and I really blossomed. It was like the entire world of literature was open to me as opposed to just a portion. He was just so wise and cared so much about all of us. I'll never be able to thank Mr. Harris enough for making my eleventh and twelfth grade years what they were.  



What about transformative professional experiences? 


Well I haven't had very many professional experiences as a whole yet. I'm not actually sure I've had one yet. Maybe I'll have one here.



Why I do what I do... 


Because I know how art makes ME feel. I know how cathartic it has been for me. I want to give that to other people. I want to give back what's been given to me.



What about ECT inspires you? 


From what I've seen so far, the work process. I was a part of the workshop at school once called The Happening. And we would sort of create the skeleton of a piece, then each time we performed it the meat and muscle of it would be created in the moment until we had something solid and repeatable and that's sort of what this feels like and I adore it.



Where have you traveled? Where would you like to visit? 


Vegas, Washington, Arizona, Florida, and the Bahamas. I'd love to backpack Europe at some point. Also visit India during Holli.



My favorite "day-off" event would be... 


Ah, I'm actually such a homebody. My favorite day-off is me getting to be home in bed on my computer or a book and a cup of tea. 



If I had one million dollars I would... 


I know it's a cliche answer, but I'd first payoff my mom's house. And then some extra so she can redesign it anyway she likes. After that I'm not sure. Maybe start up a production company so I can start producing content I think needs to be out there.. 



Did you know... 


That I can crack nearly every joint in my body? Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, all three knuckles in my fingers, back, tailbone, hips (inner and outer), knees, ankles, and both knuckles in my toes.


That my birthday is Halloween.


That I am the oldest, youngest, middle, and only child.

Ria's Favorites


  1. Steak
  2. Orange Juice
  3. Cold Ribs


  1. Lacrosse
  2. Soccer
  3. Volleyball


  1. Undone by Brooke Taylor
  2. Young Elites by Marie Liu
  3. Kenobi by John Jackson Miller


  1. Tomb Raider Reboot
  2. Bioshock Trilogy
  3. Assassin's Creed

TV Series

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Sense 8
  3. Chuck


  1. Photoshop
  2. Accents & Dialects
  3. Literary Analysis
  4. Writing
  5. Impressions

Mentors/Role Models

  1. Deborah Ross-Sullivan
  2. Patrick Stewart
  3. Mary Lambert
  4. Justin Key
  5. Gordon Ramsey


  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. RP-ing
  4. Journaling
  5. Sleeping
  6. Collecting (movie ticket stubs, flowers I think are pretty, phrases/quotes I like, books)

Ria's 50 Year Time-Capsule

  • My journal
  • My iPod
  • My leather jacket
  • My hard drive
  • Squishie
  • My phone
  • My dad's sweater
  • Tiger
  • My book collection