Brain Raetz (Spring 2017)

Advice For Day One...

Class time is not only about me furthering my understanding of the tools, it is about the group as a whole. We are each other's teammates and a teammates success is my success. Some of my biggest "aha" moments have come from the struggles and triumphs of my fellow classmates.


The main goal of this conservatory is to learn to use and take ownership of the tools Aaron has to offer. It is not more complicated than that and the stakes are not higher than that. For that reason, assignments are not "homework" they are personal crafting work. Scenes are not about being a good actor, they are about using and sharpening the tools we learn in class.


When in doubt, breath, trust the process, and know that you are already everything you want to be.


There is an amazing Italian Restaurant down the road called A1 imported Groceries, the sandwiches are inexpensive, fresh, and suuuper tasty.


Play the piano, play it lots and also with other people, not alone.


It's the people around you that make this experience worth it, enjoy your time with them and learn more about each other!


Have a beer.


Don't be afraid of any company members who have been here longer than you, they are awesome people just like you and could become some of your closest friends.


Aaron has a twin that comes in to teach sometimes, so don't be alarmed if he shows up speaking in a British accent, that's his brother Randal.


Stay late at the theatre and get drunk after a show, it'll be fun.


Ask Aaron to read you the poem "Ithaca."


And fucking enjoy life. Live outside the theatre just as much as you live in it. Do the things you really like to do and invite your friends along with you.


Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't think your NOT doing it because chances are that you are.


Carpool when you can, it's a good time.


- Brian Raetz (Spring 2017)

ECT Mainstage Credits

Romeo & Juliet (2017)




Dark of the Moon (2017)