Carly Havenick (Summer 2017)

Advice For Day One...

You are going to laugh. You are going to work hard. You are going to be tired. You are going to learn a lot. You are going to make friends. And you are going to have fun. :)


TRUST THE CLASS: I am a skeptical person. When I take classes, I tend to pick and choose what I think will work for me within the class before even trying a new tool. When ECT started, I promised myself that I would go all in and fully trust what we were given. I did everything, and I taught myself to trust what we were learning. I challenge you to let yourself trust the tools completely and see where they take you.


Know that everything is a learning experience: If you mess up, it’s only an opportunity to get better. Ask yourself where you went wrong and design a plan to keep it from happening again. Move on and grow from this artistic mishap.


Don’t Worry: Do the work, pay attention in your classes, get the homework done, but also remember that worrying will not get you anywhere.


Be a teamplayer: Even in small things like being late to class, make sure you are always respectful of the artistic growth of your peers.


Ask your mentors for help: There are many cases throughout the weeks where you might be confused about tools or requirements. Make sure to reach out to mentors and remember that they have gone through the exact same process.


Support all different parts of the theatre: Meet people in different shows, go to a rehearsal you aren’t called to… there’s always something happening at the theatre and it’s great to have the option to take advantage of this.


Hang out with your classmates! You’re going to be spending a significant amount of time around a group of passionate artists and it’s always fun to go out to lunch and hang out with a group of actors!




Carly Roselani Havenick (Summer ‘17)

ECT Mainstage Credits

Dark of the Moon (2017)


MRS. BERGEN (u.s.)