Demarquis Rembert (Summer 2017)

Advice For Day One...

I wish I'd known not to stress over every assignment given from the beginning. I would stay up late and miss sleep trying to get everything done to the best of my ability on time. An important thing to remember about this course is that the instructors are your friends before they're your professors. No homework is more important than your health. The objective for this course is to better yourself and improve your acting technique, not to "make the grade". That doesn't mean slack off and only do the work you want to do. Only you know how much you can do in a day, so don't sell yourself short. This class is for you so get as much as you can out of it and don't stress on missing the little things.


-Demarquis Rembert (Summer ‘17)

ECT Mainstage Credits

Dark of the Moon (2017)