Max Krauskopf (Conservatory Artist)

Hi! I'm Maximilian Doron Krauskopf. I am an Actor, Krav Maga and counter Terroism Instructor, Living in Los Angeles from Israel Eilat. Former Special Forces from the IDF with a Burning Desire to work in the movie industry as an actor action star fight stuntman and fight choreographer. All in good time, Time will tell. After Many signs of Destiny sending me towards making my dreams become reality I finally accepted Thus is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life on March 25th. Up until then I have been following a path that true a part of me I interested input all in the wrong reasons. A car crash is what awakened my soul to continue developing my eager to become a working Actor, After packing my bags landing in Florida having a taste of my first ever real Hurricane Irma, I sense another sign that this isn’t the right path for me and I should continue discovering my own way as my friend Frank Sinatra sang it “I did it my way”, passing the storm Pack my bags for the second time and off I go to NYC, Another sign strikes my ticking clock of “ Life isn’t short, But it will be if you limit your true being and not listen to your inner voice”, A very dear friend of mine had a heart attack, I spend as much time as I could with him in the hospital and with his sons at home, after knowing my friend is a ok I pack my bags for the last time and Burn The Ships. Hollywood - Here I come. As my friend Bilbo Begins said I am going on an adventure! Yes it IS.




If you don’t want to open up, to show others your true self, share emotions that you’ve never shared before, Don't join this group.


If you don't want to challenge yourself onto new opportunities Don’t join this group.


If you are here to have a back bone a safe place to “hide” this isn’t the place.


If you want to continue giving a F** Don't join this group….


All in good time, Time will tell - Do your best, Only you know what's best for you, Nobody else can help you with that.


Sure other opportunities will come along the way ASK for Aaron's opinion on that matter.

Getting To Know... Max

Tell us about a transformative educational experience. 


My very first acing gift was at a very young age in The first grade. I remember accepting this role of “Avi” a father of a young and troubled son “Yhonatan” played by a kid that had everything I needed a real Ideol artist - At the time. With accepting this role I then begone doubting if the should really go with it and play a father. I ask my brother who is a very strong mentor in my life if I should continue on this path? And I am asking him this as I am hiding underneath our black cubed shaped living room table with my head on the floor….with out looking at him I hear his asking me this question “ Did you say Yes - To accepting this role?” I replied with Yes. He then gave me a sentence that is following with me forever and ever - Be A Man Of Your Word, If You Said You Will Do Something Then Do It”. I grew a pare and gave the best performance I could have giving after finally accepting that this is happening and…Its about to go down!!


What about transformative professional experiences? 


With arriving to LA I hadn’t known anyone, Hadn’t had anything to show as experiences with acting but my words my will and a burning desire, I started hustle a hustle that will continue with me anywhere anytime, I landed a few jobs currently steady on four with a part time with job, built connections stayed connected found a photographer met with directors found new friends, one thing led to another worked modeled acted in role and performances that I couldn’t imagine, met people that were a true honor to meet and I am so Humble to have met worked and done all of what I did In the past couple months that I have been here in Hollywood. The best thing is, this is only the beginning!



Why I do what I do... 


Having words in hand and creating life, I mean that to me is extraordinary, Having the power to do be feel anything! Your mind is an endless opportunity of creation, and imagination. I enjoy performing when I have a piece to perform a scene with meaning with power behind it. I love being an artist with endless ideas running in mind, mimic did always running and I am blessed to show it in Art, Music, acting, Martial Arts, Sports I am thankful to have what I have and willing to become more skillful that I can ever imagine so I can share that with the world!



What about ECT inspires you? 


It is a home to be open, acceptance is key in this company, I can say that with starting my journey here with this lovely company I had more of “life's crusted layers” on my emotional side of my own character, this is a mission I am determined to master - with being here and participating in every mission task exercise that was given to us I am in full accepting mode with open hands and an open mind.



Where have you traveled? Where would you like to visit? 


More then several days - England, Germany, France, Canada, Poland, USA, Gaza, Cyprus

Layovers ;) - Russia, Denmark, Istanbul


My favorite "day-off" event would be... 


I do not understand this term.


If I had one million dollars I would... 


Invest in ways I can create that Million into millions = Passive income.

Take care of family needs.



Did you know... 


I have Native American blood fllowing in me.

I am the youngest of four Men. 

I know how to play All of me by John Legend

i can speak Hebrew fluently.

Favorite Idol acting — Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Daniel Day Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio

Max's Favorites


  1. Protein - Chicken
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Vegetables - all
  4. Fruits - all


  1. Gym - weight lifting
  2. Swimming
  3. Boxing / Kickboxing


  1. 4 Hour Work Week
  2. Millionaire Habits
  3. Harry Potter C


  1. Basketball
  2. Snooker-pool
  3. Chess

TV Series

  1. Friends
  2. How I Met Your Mother
  3. That 70's Show


  1. Martial Arts
  2. Drawing
  3. Driving skills - racing
  4. I learn music instruments quickly

Mentors/Role Models

  1. Real estate developer - Robert
  2. Former Marine - David
  3. Johnny Depp - actor
  4. Fashion designer - Debbie
  5. My Mother


  1. I train my body
  2. I work on accents
  3. I practise singing
  4. I work on my craft as an actor
  5. I draw -my own work
  6. I write my own stories-short stories

Max's 50 Year Time-Capsule

  • My necklace
  • My drawing book
  • Uklele