Robert Watson (Spring 2017)

Advice For Day One...

Be brave.


Memorization by rote is very difficult, but the work really is worth it - you'll see why when you get to perform it. Just don't procrastinate on learning the lines.


The most useful part of the conservatory, for me, was building a cohesive acting technique that I knew I could rely on to live in the moment as any character and safely and productively warm myself up for any performance. Getting the most out of this in the long term required dutiful note taking and actually reviewing those notes, as well as comparing on occasion to my classmates' notes.


Get to know the people of ECT and ply them for advice and opinions.  They are your best resource when the going gets tough.


Take the time to go to every Thursday Cabaret, and have something to perform at each one, even if it is just a joke to tell or a poem to read. That being said, don't perform something you don't want to perform just because you feel like you have to.


The schedule is not exactly as advertised - this does not mean you are being cheated or that you won't learn the materials you need, but it does mean you may be changing your schedule around in the coming weeks.


The schedule is flexible, and open to discussion and adjustment.


Minimize outside conflicts - this is a time to dedicate yourself to the conservatory, so don't do another show at the same time. It is doable, but stressful.


There is a fantastic italian Deli on 8th street, just a block from the theatre. It's called A-1 Imported groceries. Go check it out.


Subway and happy diner are also great for quick meals, and there are several bars (our favorite was the san pedro brewing company on 6th street) that do reasonable happy hour deals.


I have never once been ticketed for parking in the 2 hour parking outside the theatre, even if I leave my car overnight, and neither has any member of the theatre.


If you are running low on artistic home hours, talk to Aaron and check the board in his office. There is always something that needs doing.


- Robert Watson (Spring 2017)

ECT Mainstage Credits

Romeo & Juliet (2017)


CAPULET (u.s.)


Dark of the Moon (2017)