Sahil Kaur (Summer 2017)

Advice For Day One...

Don't be afraid to be wrong. Follow your gut even if it's the weirdest thing that's popped into your consciousness- just follow it in the moment and don't- DO NOT- ever and I mean EVER worry about "right" or "wrong" because those words are so unhelpful it's funny. Your instincts are always valuable.


Go first. Even if you're scared. Especially if your scared. Jump up there and just play. "Play" is such an important verb.


Allot 2 hours at home everyday. It seems like a lot but you can sneak it in there. And do the work. Every little bit helps.


Never be late. "On time" is 15 minutes before class starts (at the latest)

ECT Mainstage Credits

Dark of the Moon (2017)




Three Sisters (2017)


OLGA (u.s.)