The Elysium Conservatory

M/W 10:30-1pm + Fri (10:30-3:30p) over 8 weeks

Grow Fearless.

ECT's Conservatory is an 8-week immersive training experience that leaves actors of all levels with the most dynamic acting technique and extensive training of their artistic instrument they've ever encountered. Classes are taught in a committed, nurturing environment by ECT Company Members hungry to challenge the boundaries of fearless expression. We focus on awakening the artistic spirit inside each actor and instilling lifelong ownership of technique and professionalism in rehearsal, performance, and life.  ECT graduates walk into our company and world as creative leaders, working fearlessly from their raw, healthy, artistic instinct and empowered for all professional possibilities, creating dynamic, textured and truly visceral characters.

Conservatory Schedule & Classes (weeks 1-8):



M/W 10:30-1pm + FR 10:30- 3:30pm


  • Sketch Comedy
  • The Artistic Journey
  • Playwriting
  • Stagecraft
  • On-Camera Technique



*connecting training discoveries to an ECT mainstage production